Can I Win Him Back Even If He Shows No Interest

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You may be thinking that since you have lost your boyfriend and he shows no interest in getting back together, that it’s over for good.

Honestly, it may be over for good, but you still may have a chance to win him back even if he shows no interest.

There’s really only one way of knowing if you can win him back, and that is to give it a try. He may be appearing to have moved on, and has no interest in you, but you may still have a chance.

The best thing you can do is to show him that you still care about him as a person.  You can’t be a needy, stalking ex girlfriend – you need to be a supportive friend.  By being mature and showing him that you can be in the same room together without creating drama, will go a long way to proving to him that you can still be friends, or at least acquaintances, without being in a love relationship.

Become a friend that understands his feelings, trials and successes.  Joke with him and show him he can have a good time hanging out with you.

Most solid relationships start out as friendships, so you need to go back to the basics of being a friend.  It could be that your relationship never grew from a strong friendship and that hurt your love relationship.

Going back to being friends and growing from there, may make for a stronger love relationship in the future.

Be warned that being friends can be difficult, especially when you see him dating other people.  If you still want him back, that’s something you will have to deal with.  As time goes by, he will either realize that you are a great friend and one of the few people he can really count on.

When you reach the point of being good friends, there will come a time when he will realize he still wants to be more than friends with you.  Or, you may just realize that you have moved on and can no longer be more than friends with him.

In any case, you will have done the right, and mature thing, will have grown as a person and will either have won him back or you will me moving on to better relationship.

So you can get your ex back even when he shows no interest in you.  For more tips like this, you need to read the Win Him Back Guide.