Lost My GF. Any advice on getting her back? Please read?

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Yea Boi asked:

We had been going out for 1 year and 2 months and shes been a big part of my life and now i dont hang around with my friends as much

We were perfect and lots of people thought it 2.. i made her smile and laugh the ova day but it wasnt enough as weve been having a few aguments and moddiness lately.. and then i got kicked out of a nightclub the other day for being “too” drunk.. but i believe the boucers were pickin on me. And my GF was not to happy with me and it started an agrument.. This is where all the spliting up began

Any way she broke up with me today as her friends told her its the right choice if shes not happy.. but we are both finding it hard and still love each other a lot

So does any one have any advice.. I miss her does anyone know of people getting back together when spliting up and after how long??

Or any advice on stuff i could do to get her back??

I am normaly sweet and kind hearted but lately iv been taken too much things to heart and its been for about a month:
I told her i wonted to make it up to her over summer and take her out and do all the things and we didnt do last summer and have lots of laughs.. but she still wernt happy :(

Should of mentioned that im 19 and shes 18 really! But i didnt wna here that theres plenty of fish in the sea and all that nocice.

And i dont want to make out that i drink alot and corse aguements all the time because i dont