GF and I getting back together?

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monacolegend asked:

I love my girlfriend and she is waiting for me to clear my head and find out exactly what i want. well i am sure this time. only problem now is how do i tell my parents that I am getting back together with her. they are so old fashioned and religious and were part of the problem why i broke up with her. i was married and had an affair with the woman who is my GF. and my parents cant wont see that i am happy with her and we love each other. and she only wants to love and take care of me. i wish my parents would realize that and let me live my own life. and accept that sometimes people get divorced. sure the affair was wrong, but i think that GOD will forgive us. we are very happy and love each other and i think we can be together. i was living with her and then moved out on her with no notice. and she still is fighting to keep me. so that says something. i hope my parents will see that in time. she has never doubted our relationship. so i am making my own decision now. to stay with her.


Why do people lie when they are breaking up?

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breaking up
what a pickle asked:

I just think it’s so stupid. Today my ex-bf (now) told me that he was breaking up with me because his parents didn’t approve of him dating. Well I know because of his friends that he is going out with someone else that he has liked for a long time. Which fine whatever but lie about it when eventually the truth is going to come out?


Can a 18 year old go to jail for getting his 15 year old gf pregnant?

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getting my gf back
Adrianne Streiff asked:

My friend and her bf really want a kid. Shes 15 and hes 18. Her parents are supportive and stuff, but would her bf go to jail even though the parents approve? She lives in Pennsylvania.
She’ll be turning 16 in march.