Getting back with my ex gf?

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humm asked:

my gf and I broke up 11 months ago, we ha dbeen dating for 8 months. Unfortuanaly i never really got along with her friends very well. they just never liked me from the start, i always tried to be friends with her friends and she never had any problems with any of my friends. This was a major part in the break up we were also fighting the night before aand stupid me, broke up with her thinking it would make her want me more and fix things….it didnt and she decided she was better off with out me. She has had a new bf for several months now and is no longer good friends with many of her old friends (in piticlar the ones that dislike me the most). recently i have hung out with she called me up and asked me to see her both times. this weekend she was fliting with me all night and said she had alot of fun. i am still in love with this girl. i have been dating around and still have never found another person who makes me feel that way i do when im around her. any advice in geting her back
she still has a bf now….although she doesent see him very not sure what is going on with him.
and i am taking it very slow right now…just being friends and letting her come to me bc i have found that going after girls just pushes them away…. plus i already tryed that when we broke up