Why does my bf’s mom keep mentioning she was responisble for breaking up his previous relationship?

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breaking up
Jackie_belle asked:

I’m not a bad girl, but everytime me and my bf have a little argument and she finds out she mentions to him that she broke up his last relationship. Almost like she was proud of doing it. What is the point in that now?


need advice on getting gf back?

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getting my gf back
theoneandonly4013 asked:

so my gf tells me one day she wants to break up and its beacuse my mom dosent like her (we have been dateing almost 3 years) and we spent to much time together, but everyday since we broke up she has called me and asked me to hang out with her (about 2 weeks now) she has stoped saying i love you jsut like when shes mad at me but we still kiss, hold hands, cuddle and have sex, a few days ago i asked her if she thinks we wil get back together and she said “i hope so” besides the “single” status and us not talking as much wen we arnt together (wich is at night from like midnight till about 2 in the afternoon)

can anyone shed light on what they thinki have to do to get her back? im kinda confused about the whole situation to be honest

no flaming please
well we dont really hang at my house cuz of my mother lol so it shouldnt matter that much and i told her already my mom dosent matter at all


Input needed about getting back together with gf?

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tiger asked:

My mom is against our relationship and i have to take care of my mom coz she is sick. She might be leaving the country in a couple of months. My ex-gf broke up coz of this. She is from another country but is coming here for summer to do an internship. I am hoping badly that my mom will come around after a while. I know my ex still loves me and I do to. I am planning to move close to her for the summer and take it from there. She told me that she might not be back again with me but she is willing to give me a try. I have talked to my mom about her but she seems adamant about not letting this gal be with me coz of cultural and other differences. But I am hell-bent on being with her. I am kinda low on self-confidence these days due to this. Feels like I would never be able to do anything I want. Please suggest something. Thanks in advance!!!
My mom is getting undergoing checkups and treatments. She is ready to leave for the home country coz she and I think she will be better off there. My ex and I are sort of on a break. I wouldn’t call it a breakup by the way things are going coz she has giving me indications that she is still interested in me. And I have shown my interest in her.