Need help with getting my gf back?

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getting my gf back
Andrew asked:

my girlfriend says that she needs a brake from me. But im doing everything possible to make her happy. But one thing is she loves songs and always listens to them because of the lyrics. So My question to u guys/girls is what are some great love songs that i can put on my myspace that might help me with her…

thanx for the help


Country song where the guy is singing to his ex thanking her for breaking up because he now has everything ?

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breaking up
nate asked:

I don’t exactly remember the lyrics but i know that the generalization is the guy singing is thanking his ex that for breaking up with him eventhough he thought he was supposed to be with her and he was down about it and now he is in love and married to someone else..
I don’t believe the song was song in anger, i think the guy was truly thinking his ex for everything good and for breaking up with him because in the end everything worked out for him.