How many people are breaking up this festive holiday season?

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breaking up
smileytrysh asked:

I thought of this when I read a question about a guy breaking up with his gf. I think Christmas is the most horrible time to be going through a break-up, because its supposed to be a happy season. So how many people are going through breakups right now?


what should i get my gf for christmas?

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john asked:

I have no idea what to give her. I really really love her so i want it to be something she will always remember


Should be concerned with my gf getting her ******* pierced by a guy piercer?

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i_wontseeyoutonight asked:

My girlfriend is going to get her ******* pierced. I was just wondering if i should be concerned, cause I’m not too fond with another guy looking at my girl’s **** and all, and “kinda” touching them which is required during the procedure. Should i be concerned at all? I tell myself it’s just his job and there’s nothing else to it, but I need to know what other people think.


Is my gf asking me to go to the store toget a specific female product for her. Common?

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getting my gf back
Aaron Rodgers 4 replacing NO. 4 asked:

My gf was sick for the day and she was in the middle of her period. She asked me to go to the store to pick up a box of her tampons.

I dont mind getting them for her at all. Maybe I got a little embarassed when the cashier looked at me and looked at the product. But is it common for this request or do most girls handle the private matters like this by herself.


Is there any hope getting back together with my gf?

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B2theRandon84 asked:

I broke up with my gf a couple of weeks ago and I’m wondering if there is anything I can do to get her back.I miss her terribly and she means the world to me.I dated this girl for 2 1/2 years on and off and things had been really great.The reason why we broke up is because I didn’t let her be herself.I expected her to spend 100% of her free time with me and i didn’t accept the fact that she wasnt ready for that and maybe she never will.Everytime she went out I expected her to invite me along.In the process I forgot about my friends and everytime I would go out I had to be with her.I’ve accepted the fact that she needs to be herself,and have time to go out with the girls without me around.She also said that I’m not the same person that she fell in love with.I used to have all the self confidence in the world be happy and spend time with my friends without her around.And things were great during those times.I dont know what happend to I have any hope and is it too late for us?
Also i gave my ex her space in the beginning. things were not always like this. its not like she had been putting up with this for 2 1/2 years…


who here thinks your getting cheated on if your gf or bf?

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bellanova08 asked:

Goes to work , and you find out that they didnt go to work that day because you call the job and they tell you they are off that day? Yet your bf or gf comes home the same time they usually come home when they get out work? what would you do?


Why is it that some guys just want to have *** with loads of different girls instead of just getting a gf?

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chur asked:

I don’t see the joy in it (obviously aside from the fact that their getting laid). Why not just have *** every night with your gf?


What are the chances of my gf getting pregant while on her period and on birth control? Should I be worried?

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XAFO asked:

My gf has been on birth control for a few months now and we had *** while she was on her period. I did not ejaculate inside her, pulled out. What are the chances that she would be pregnant? Should I be worried?


i was told from a third party that my gf thinks i’m to clingy?

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tdot asked:

what should i do? i’ve only been seeing her for about a month and i knew that she really liked me before… and now someone told me that my gf thinks i’m to clingy and she’s getting 2nd thoughts. what should i do?
i really like her and maybe i’m getting a little to clingy.. is there a way i can fix this problem?


How do i get other girls to back off my gf nicely and without causing much drama?

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Portero#18 asked:

At school a lot of girls keep giving my gf the death glare, and its really bugging her, and im afraid that it will affect our relationship, i found out recentlyy about this and so i haven’tt asked her what she thinks i should do, but before i do i need some advice. oh, FYI, some of the girls are ex’s


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