Learn How I Got My Girlfriend Back

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I couldn’t believe it when she broke up with me.  I didn’t see it coming and was totally devastated.  Looking back, I guess I should have seen it coming and I couldn’t really blame her.  I made some mistakes and I understand why she broke up with me – but I hate it!

So, after being alone for a few days and really thinking about our relationship, I knew that I wanted her back, and I believe she still loved me.  So, I thought I might there still may be hope of getting my girlfriend back.

I thought about the things I had done wrong, beat myself up over my stupidity and selfishness, and realized I needed to make some changes so I could treat her the way she deserved to be treated.

I began to form a plan to win her back.  I started writing an apology letter and thought of other things I could do – like sending her flowers. I really thought these things would work, after all that’s what works in the movies, right?

I started searching online for more ideas on what I could do to get my girlfriend back, when I came across something that made me re-think everything I had been planning.

I saw this video, actually it’s the video to the right, that stopped me dead in my tracks.  This TW guy was explaining some things I hadn’t really considered.  Like, if I were to follow through with my Hollywood movie type plan, there was a good chance I would end up pushing my girlfriend further away, and I may never have a chance to win my gf back again.

TW talked about a making up guide he had written that had helped other guys like me get their girl their girlfriends back.  I went to his website and saw all the success letters people had written to him after they had won their ex gf back, using the tips from his making-up guide.

So I bought his guide to make sure I didn’t do all the wrong, stupid things to win my girl friend back, but instead I want to make sure to do the right things that had worked for others.

So, following TW’s winning back an ex tips, I took some time away from relationships to decide if I really wanted my ex gf back.  After realizing that I did want her back, I started getting in contact with her again, as a friend to gauge how she was feeling about me.

We started spending some time together, then more and more time building our friendship.  Now we are back together again, and our relationship is better now than it ever was before.

Thank you TW for keeping me from blowing it!  His winning back an ex guide helped me avoid screwing things up forever, and helped me get my girlfriend back.