How should I go about getting my Ex GF back?

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Mike asked:

We have been together for over 2 years, there has been a tragedy in her life so we keep breaking up…She still tells me shes in love but says she wants to find herself….i spent the night with her couple times this week, then told her i couldnt handle not being together…. Went out with the guys the other night and drunk dialed the hell out of her(stupid mistake)….Called her all day the next day and finally got her to pick up and of course i said something rude to her on the phone the night before, i appologized…I guess what I am asking is whats the best way to open her eyes and make her realize that if she loves me she should be with me before the oppurtunity closes?


How not to be paranoid about girlfriend breaking up with me?

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bullfan82 asked:

Me and my girlfriend of 3 weeks have been going fine, have gone out a lot and everything.

Its just that after the last couple times of seeing her, I feel paranoid that shes going to break up with me.

Is there a way to help me stop worrying or is it just going to happen?