2 days after getting back with my ex gf, she texts me and tells me she met another guy?

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getting my gf back
yeventryuwilllose asked:

we broke up and were not talking for a while, once we started talking it was clear we boht missed each other and loved each other…. so she lives in cali and i am in ohio…. we tell each other we love each other and talk about her coming home, cause she is moving back march 1st…anyhow she goes on a trip to lake tahoe with another couple a day after we get back together, and texts me a day later telling me she met someone… i ask her if we can talk and she texts me back, nah, im ok, thanks……. ***….. why would someone do this…. why would she be talking about moving in with me and how much she loves me and how incredible i am and that she will never take me for granted again….. how could she change so quickly??