What would you do if ur gf/bf started getting close to his or her ex?

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Nero S asked:

My gf is gettin close to her ex. i love her alot and i feel really jelous. she says that i souldnt worry about anything. im tryin not to. what should i do?


I want my gf back. this si waht she said. is this good? do I have a chance of getting her back?

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Girish J asked:

Hi all i need some advice. My girlfiend and I have been goin out for 7 months.i wsa insecure about myself and did something stupid (didnt cheat) to test her trust in me she found out was very mad and we broke up. Been about a month, we’ve ben eamiling & this is what she said “I want you to know that I don’t really know what’s going to happen when we meet & and can’t promise you that things are just gonna be like before and we’ll be a happy couple. There’s alot of stuff we need to talk about when we do eventually see each other and like I’ve always said, I don’t hold grudges but it’s hard to forget certain things & I don’t know if we can go back. Things could go either way and who knows, you might find you don’t feel the same way about me..or maybe you’ll meet the girl of your dreams this summer…I don’t really know what’s going to happen.What I do know is that you are a good person & I’m willing to sit down and see if we can work things out..but neither of us knows how that will out”


How do i get my gf back?

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audiquattro asked:

So i can get with alot of girls this year i dunno why because my first 3 years of highschool werent very successful with the ladies, but i broke up with my gf beg. of summer, and now i really want her back. I can get with other girls but my gf is soooo much better for some reason, and its like there are no other fish in the sea because she is soo much better and she’s even hotter in my eyes. what do i do?