What keeps people breaking up and making up, is it possible for such a couple to get married and be happy ?

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breaking up
matilda k asked:

breaking up because the guy has been cought cheating with another woman, but the woman loves her man so much, she left the country for a year & come back after a year and the guy wants the woman back with him, claiming to have changed and that he wants to settle down now,she is not sure whether he is telling the truth or he will go back to wat he used to do and **** her again, part of her is scared of being **** and part of says i can not be with another man apart ffrom this one because she loves him so much and she jelouse to see him another woman. this is a confused woman please help her make a decision and her love, she had dates with other guyz but its not just making sense to her, she gets no feelings at all ffor the other guy, wat should she do.

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