Get Your Ex Back Deal With Your Anger First

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Get Your Ex Back Deal – With Your Anger First

Getting your ex back is a piece of cake when you really think about it. After all, you are talking about a person that was madly in love with you at one point in your life. Not too long ago you might have thought it was absurd to think that you would ever have to make them fall in love with you again. They probably told you every day that they loved you. Chances are you never left the house without saying goodbye and receiving a kiss. And every night you might have kissed before going to sleep.

But now your life has been turned upside down and where there was once love there is a multitude of emotions. A breakup can literally be an emotional roller coaster. One minute your up and optimistic and the next your down in the dumps.

In order to get to the point where you can even think about getting your ex back it might be necessary to work through some of these emotions so you can be better prepared when the time does come to get back together. After all, you won’t want to unload on your ex with all of these emotions when you are just about to get back together, right?

Use these effective coping techniques to help work through your emotions as you begin your campaign to get your ex back

Writing Letters – If it were twenty years ago I would suggest that you write a letter to your ex and let out all the anger and rage that you have over your breakup on a piece of paper. Once you had poured your heart out about how hurt and angry you were you could either tear the paper to shreds, set it ablaze or save it for a rainy day. If you saved it you could look back and use it to gauge how your feelings and circumstances had changed.

Although this technique still could work today it might be equally effective and perhaps a little easier if you typed out an email to them. Really pour your heart out and let loose with every little thing that has been on your mind. Write about how lonely you are, how poorly you feel you have been treated throughout the breakup or how much you love your partner and all that you did to try to rebuild your relationship. Create a free email account and send your letters to that email address. Just be careful that you don’t send these emails to your ex by mistake and delete them out of your sent items before you get back together.

Yell, Scream, Cry – Yes, yelling, screaming and crying in the solitude of your home can be a very effective way to release these emotions. You will be being true to yourself and what you feel when you outwardly express these emotions in a safe way. Nobody gets hurt so there is no reason to feel guilty. Chances are that after a good screaming match with a picture of your ex you might feel a strange sort of relief… as if you have been cleansed of these emotions that you have been holding inside. Of course, if you live in an apartment or have roommates it might be necessary to do this when nobody is around.

Crying, in itself, has its own healing effect. Crying until you are all “cried out” will leave you feeling renewed and as if a great burden has been lifted from your shoulders. Most women know this (no offense) and many men have at one point or another felt the satisfaction and relief that comes after having a really good cry.

Take it Out Physically – When you feel angry or upset or frustrated with the situation take it out physically on a punching bag or do some other sort of physical exercise. Run, jog or walk as you run everything over in your head. Go ahead! Get angry and work it out physically. Install a chin up bar in the house and any time you feel angry or upset do chin ups, pushup or sit-ups until you are exhausted.

The bonus in this is that before long you’re appearance is going to improve by working out your frustration and anger. This definitely will be a very powerful contributing factor that will help you to get your ex back. When they see you for the first time after some time has passed they will notice the change and see that you’re looking even better than they remembered. How sweet is that?

Use these three helpful coping techniques to work through the anger and frustration that accompanies a breakup and you will be well on your way to creating the foundation necessary to win your ex back.

The best guide that details the steps to take to get your ex back, can be found by clicking here.

How to Get Your Ex Back

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How to Get Your Ex Back

When thinking about how to get your ex back, you may have a strong desire to talk things through with your ex… you might think that if you could get them to sit down and discuss the problems in your relationship you might be able to convince them not to end the relationship. You might think that the easiest way to get them back might be to sit down and calmly discuss their grievances and once you have overcome all their objections they will happily come running back to you.

Please don’t kid yourself for a minute by thinking that talking things through will ever work. Chances are that even offers to attend counseling on your own or together are probably going to fall on deaf ears. Chances are that if your relationship was on a downhill slide for a while an offer to discuss any problems or attend counseling will appear to be a last ditch effort to manipulate your ex into getting back together.

This is not to say that counseling doesn’t have its place in a relationship. Counseling can be a very powerful and effective tool to help cement your relationship once both you and your partner have decided that getting back together is what you both desire. A counselor can be an impartial referee that can point out areas that both of you might wish to work on separately and together to help enhance your relationship.

As far as wanting to sit down with your ex and discuss what went wrong in the relationship, for the moment, nothing good can come of this. Any desire that you might say you have for “closure” or some sort of understanding of what went wrong stands little chance of being helpful to you. Haven’t you been hurt enough as it is? Why subject yourself to further rejection? Why do you want to know in detail why this person who loved you so much at one time now desires to be apart from you? Spare yourself the pain, retain your dignity and leave that discussion for another day.

Now is the time for you to rebuild yourself and heal from the wounds that you have suffered at the hands of your ex. Yes, it may be helpful at some point to take an inventory of yourself and see if there is any truth in the accusations that your ex has hurled at you. See if your ex has indeed pointed out any areas that you also feel are unacceptable in your life and set about to make some changes if you feel that YOU might benefit in the long run.

Again, there is nothing wrong with visiting a counselor if that is the route that you wish to take. But your first order of business before inviting them along or discussing “what’s wrong with you” should be to set about formulating a game plan on how to get your ex back.

Get Back at an Ex

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I’m sometimes asked by those who have had their hearts broken by a breakup, how can I get back at my ex?

My first question is – “Do you want to try to win back you ex”? If you want to win back your ex, then you need to let go of that anger that wants to “get back at an ex”! You then need to take a cooling off period from your ex and have no contact with them for a period of time.

After that cooling off period, you need to decide if you really do want to try to win them back. If you do, there may still be a chance it can happen, but you need to follow the plan that has helped thousands win an ex back.

If you decide you don’t want to try to win them back, and just want to move on – that’s a good sign that you have discovered some things about you, or about your ex, and you don’t see things working out between you.

If you still want to get back at an ex, I have a great tip for you. Get some help with moving on with your life.

Getting back at your ex will not help you. You may think it will help you get over the anger and move on, but it won’t help. You may feel better for a few minutes, but chances are later on you will feel worse than ever.

Trying to get back at someone, is really another way of stating that you want to hurt someone in some way. This is immature, destructive, and can even be dangerous. Trying to get back at your ex will help you in absolutely no way.

Instead, I suggest you get help with getting over your ex.

Please don’t ever try to get back at an ex, it will not help you and could have terribly negative consequences. Instead, take a step back, realize you are going through a hurtful time just like everyone else in this world has gone through. Hurting after a breakup is a part of life.

If you need help learning how to get over your ex, get the help you need, and move on.

How to Win Back Your Ex With Common Sense

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So, you’re boyfriend, or girlfriend has ended the relationship and moved on. You’re trying to move on too, but you just can’t seem to give up on the relationship. Perhaps you have a sense that your ex still loves you, perhaps you just believe you two belong together. You feel their is still hope for the relationship and want to try one more time to win back your ex.

How to you go about doing that? Where do you start? you probably have some ideas on things that you can do, like sending them love notes, or a love letter, or buy them gifts.

The first thing you need to do is STOP. Take a step back and follow the tips below before you go any further.

First, you need to look at what went wrong, and in particular, what part did you play in the relationship ending. It takes two to make a relationship work, and like it or not, you probably contributed to the breakup.

If after evaluating your contribution to the relationship ending, ask yourself if you are willing to address those issues, or if you even can address those issues..

If you really think you can change, and are committed to doing so, you may have a chance to win back your ex. It’s not a bad idea to talk to your ex and apologize for the things that you had done that caused strain in the relationship. This shows your ex that you cared enough to reflect on what you did wring in the relationship. It also shows a sign of maturity that you were able to face fault and apologize.

During that conversation, do not suggest that they take you back since you have learned your lesson and are promising to change. It’s too early to press them to get back together. Plus, when you don’t go asking to get back together, they will see that you appear to be able to move on.

Stay in touch with your ex, perhaps weekly, for a while. Just give them a quick call to see how they’re doing. Keep the conversation light. Subtly remind them of some of the good times you had together, but don’t go overboard. You just want to create a small spark in their mind and heart related to some special time you had together.

These weekly, and casual, conversations will either lead to a friendship, or you will come to the conclusion that they are not interested in even being friends.

Friendships often lead to more serious relationships. For many relationships, the “love” relationship developed to quickly and the friendship stage was never really developed. Having a strong friendship may be something that your relationship needed and could lead to a stronger love relationship.

The above tips should help you win your ex back, but you need more help that I can provide in a blog post. I suggest you get the detailed step by step Win A Love Back guide.

Steps to Get Your Ex Back

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Knowing how to go about getting your ex back can be a complicated thing. The steps required to get your ex back are not taught in any course, and there are few people that can give you quality advice. Most of the time we will get our ideas on ow to win that ex back from friends, who really have no idea on how to go about it. We get ideas from what we think would work on us, and we get ideas from movies where a lost love has been won back.

In reality getting an ex back is a very complicated thing and you should not attempt to win them back without first following a few common sense steps as outlined below.

First, you need to distance yourself from you ex. This can be difficult, especially if your ex wants to stay in contact with you. But, you must be strong and create that distance so you can start getting beyond the emotion and start thinking clearly. This will also be a sign to your ex that you are strong enough to stand on your own, and bring them to the realization that you don’t “need” them to survive.

Second, do not isolate yourself. Spend some time with your family and friends, for support. Isolating yourself, allows you too much time to stew, dwell in your circumstances and depress you. Spending time with those that care about you, and will lift you up and encourage you.

While spending time with family and friends, ask them what they think went wrong with the downfall of the relationship. You may already think you know what went wrong, but it’s good to get an outside perspective. Be warned, your family and friends will probably tend to blame your ex to help you feel better. You need to let them know that they need to be brutally honest and help you see want went wrong, even if you are at fault. If you really want to know what went wrong, you need to be strong enough to hear the truth.

Your next move is to take what you heard from family and friends, about what caused the breakup, and what you think was behind the breakup. It’s up to you to really understand what went wrong, even if it hurts because you may have been responsible.

Then you need to decide where you want to go from here. Do you still want your ex back? Do you think you and your ex are really compatible? Are you curious about other possible relationships? If you contributed to the breakup, do you need to change some things? Are you willing to work on changing yourself if necessary?

If you are still interested in trying to get your ex back, then your next move is to initiate contact with your ex. You need to be strong, mature and be able to communicate without a lot of emotion. Ask your ex how they are doing, and see where the conversation goes from there. Don’t expect, or even try, to get back together on that call. Stay in touch and suggest doing some things together, and see if the relationship can be built again over time.

These steps should help you get your ex back, but a blog post doesn’t provide enough detail. You should really check out this guide that has helped thousands get back together.

Songs About Breaking Up and Songs About Getting Back Together

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Songs about breaking up and getting back together have been around since man discovered music and the art of singing.

In fact, I would be willing to guess there have more heartbreak songs written than just about any other type of song.  Breaking up brings up very strong emotions and have inspired many emotionally powerful songs.

Songs about getting back together, or the hope of getting back together, have also been very popular.

Love songs have helped many get through the hurt of breaking up.  Some breakup songs help you to realize that although what you are going through a tough time, you are not the first person to go through it, and remind you that you will survive.

Some breakup songs portray more of an angry, “hey you are the loser in this breakup” type of approach.

Get back together songs are generally more about “how much I love you”, and how good it feels to be with you.

Are there songs that have helped you through a hurtful break up, or a song that has given you strength and hope for the future?

If so, please leave the name of the song, and the artist if you know how sings it, below in the comments, and I will compile a list of songs about breaking up and songs about getting back together.

I’ll start the list.

Breaking Up Songs:
Love Hurts – Nazareth
You’ll Think of Me – Keith Urban
The Dance – The Dance
Remember When – Allan Jackson
I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

Get Back Together Songs:
REO Speedwagon – Keep On Loving You
Oh My Love – Righteous Brothers
Reunited And It Feels So Good – Peaches and Herb
Got It Right This Time – Keith Urban

Okay, that’s all I can think of at the moment.  It’s your turn!

Saving Your Marriage

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It’s tough going through that horrible time when you feel like your marriage is coming to an end.  I know it may seem hopeless but don’t give up on saving your marriage.

There are thousands who have gone through what you’re going through right now and have succeeded in saving their marriage.  There is help to stop a divorce, or to help correct problems before you get to that point.

You do need to realize that as much as you may want to save your relationship, you may not be able to. Make sure that you prepare yourself mentally for any possible outcome. This isn’t thinking pessimistically, it is being realistic which is what you need to be.

If you want success in saving your marriage, it’s important to get marriage counseling.   Hopefully your spouse will be willing to do the counseling with you, to get the most out of it.  If your spouse will not attend counseling with you, you can still get counseling and work on the things that you can control to try to save your marriage.

Several marriages have been brought back from the edge of divorce, because of counseling and therapy. Marriage counselors are able to deal with all marriage issues, from infidelity between spouses, to depression, or anything else that can stress a relationship to the point of divorce.

Marriage counseling doesn’t have to be expensive, there are plenty of good choices for you to use to get good relationship advice before you see a divorce lawyer.

One thing you can control while trying to save your marriage, is to avoid arguments.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t discuss important subjects with your spouse, but getting drawn into an argument will help no one.

When you feel your frustration level rising, and sense your spouse is trying to raw you into an argument, take a deep breath and inform your spouse that you are not going to argue about it.  Let them know that when you both cool down, you would like to talk calmly about the subject.

When you do sit down to talk, make sure you listen to your spouses point of view.  Their point of view may be different than yours, but it could be a valid point of view, and they could be right.

If you can both calmly express where you are both coming from, you should be able to find some common ground where you can both agree and move on.

If you are really interested in saving your marriage, it could take a lot of work and patience, depending on how damaged your marriage is.  But, the work and patience could pay big dividends in the future.

If you are wanting help in saving your marriage, I suggest the Magic of Making Up Guide.  This win back love guide helped thousands of couples get back together and stay together.

Win Back Lost Love

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Wanting to win back lost love is understandable. It’s hard to let go of those moments with in life, with the one you love.  When a breakup occurs you spend your days following the breakup wondering, “what could have been”.

It may not even matter what the reason was for the two of you going your separate ways, but in your mind you know it was a mistake. There is a chance that the love that you lost could be feeling the same way. They too may be wondering how to win back lost love, perhaps even the love of their lifetime.

Lost love is the stuff that great stories are made of. You’ve seen the movies – two love struck souls who crossed paths once upon a time separated by circumstances beyond their control. Both spending years thinking about that moment that is burned forever on their memories. Both longing for what was and wishing that it could be again.

If you are at a point in your life, where you are alone and have failed in relationships since then, it could very well be that the one you dream of is supposed to be with you. Don’t just sit around and reminisce, do something about it. If you don’t know where they are now, find them. There are many things that you can do to find them. Use the resources you have available to win back lost love.

Once you have located them, things may gets tricky. To win back a love, you first need to find out their current situation. The best thing to do is to write a letter or get a message to them saying that you were going through some old things and ran across something that reminded you of them. Just let them know that you were curious about them and ask what is going on.

Let them know a little about your situation. Whatever you do, don’t let them know that you are in the hunt. You need to make it seem like your only interest is mild curiosity. If they are involved with someone and are happy, you don’t want to mess that up.

You should also be aware that the image of that perfect romance was just an illusion, which it very well could be. The only way to know for sure is to initiate contact with them.

If it seems that they are available and you are not going to be infringing on anyone’s turf, feel free to strike up a friendship. Let the friendship go along naturally. Don’t force anything.

After you have been corresponding for a little time, instead of asking for their phone number (if you don’t have it already), give them yours and say, and tell them to feel free to call you anytime. Doing it this way takes the pressure off the situation. If they want to talk to you, you will know.

You may find yourself moving from a friendship type relationship to a stronger type of bond before too long. Seeing each other in person will come naturally if it is supposed to. It won’t take much time for you to find if they are still the one you love and if the feeling is mutual. It could take a little time so you have to be patient. If something does happen, congratulations! You have found it is possible to win back lost love, perhaps that love of a lifetime.

For more steps on how your can win an long lost love back, I recommend THE Win Back Lost Love Guide.

How To Get Back Together With My Ex

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I want to know How to get back together with my ex! This is a statement being made by many heartbroken men and women around the world. It is especially hard to say goodbye to someone you deeply love and never want to let go of.

That is why many of us will do almost anything just to be given a chance to get back together with an ex. The good news is that there are things you can do and steps that you can take to get your ex back. So if you are one of those who are asking, “How to get back together with my ex?”, read on…
1. Never play games. You have to be serious about getting your ex back. This means that the steps you take are mature steps meant to let your ex realize the value that they are losing if they completely let you go. Veer away from the misleading thought that making your ex jealous will make him come back to you.

This may backfire by making your ex think that you have moved on so quickly and that he really wasn’t that important to you after all. Instead of resorting to these immature tactics, ask yourself again, “How to get back together“? Then write down some realistic steps that you can take to initiate contact with your ex and make him realize that getting back with you is the best step for him to take.
2. Do not be mean. No matter how hurt or angry you are about the breakup, do not lash out at your ex or do things to deliberately hurt him. This will only make things worse by digging deeper wounds that may take forever to heal.

The fact that you are asking, “How to get back together” means that you still care for him, so avoid inflicting the kind of pain that creates permanent wounds. It is necessary to forgive whatever mistakes your ex made before you can even begin to think about getting him back.
3. Put your best foot forward. Keep your emotions in check and show your ex that you are not an emotional rollercoaster. Nothing is more of a turnoff than a clingy and needy ex. Do not show your ex that you are desperate to win him back.

The best answer to your question of “How to get back together with my ex?” is to be a better you. Be confident that you are a good person and always cultivate the traits that made your ex fall in love with you. Show him that everything that he fell in love with is still there and even more.

Whatever the reason was for your breakup, be positive that it can be fixed. But do not delude yourself into thinking that this can be done easily. The road towards reuniting with your ex is a long and difficult one. Patience is the key to your success in this matter. So relax, keep your calm, give yourself enough time and you can look forward to a sweeter love the second time around.

For more steps on how your can win your ex back, I recommend THE How To Get Back Together Guide.

Steps to Win Your Ex Back

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Going through a breakup may be one of the most trying times of your life, especially if the other person is someone you are not willing to let go.

Sadly, going through the steps  to win your ex back can be just as difficult as trying to move on; more so if you do not know exactly what you need to do. But if you feel that getting your ex back into your life is worth whatever it takes, then it is probably the best thing for you to do. Because there are simply times when moving on is not an option.

The first thing you have to do to win your ex back is to show him or her that you are strong. In this necessary first step, you have to be very careful to deliver the correct message.

You do not want to make your ex feel that you have moved on and do not need him or her anymore. The message that you want to send across is that you do want him or her back, but you are not so desperate that it would kill you not to win your ex back. Show your ex that you are very much open to the idea of getting back together but you will not fall apart if it does not happen. Confidence is much more attractive than clinginess.

If your breakup was particularly bad — punctuated by loud arguments and excessive fighting — then you should move really slow.

Keep your contact with your ex at a minimum; do not create “coincidences” where you keep running into your ex at social gatherings and public places. Give yourselves time to take things into perspective. This time away from each other could be just the thing to make you recall the good times that you had and realize that you are meant for each other. Who knows, giving yourselves enough space may help you win your ex back a lot quicker than you expect.

If and when your ex asks to see you to talk things over, treat the invitation as an opportunity, not a gift. Looking at it as a gift may make you overeager to win your ex back and less objective about the conversation that is about to take place. It may also make you too ready to give in to your ex’s every request. Refrain from doing this, as it will only make you look pathetic. Treating the occasion as an opportunity, on the other hand, will help you retain your calm and keep an open mind about the situation.

While you are trying these steps to win your ex back, remember to always be yourself. Although there are things that you need to do and steps that you need to take, it does not mean that you have to act like someone else. After all, you want to remind your ex of the reason why he or she fell in love with you in the first place, and the best way to do that is by showing him or her your beautiful self.

For more steps on how your can win your ex back, I recommend THE Steps to Win Your Ex Back Guide.

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