I got my gf a Shamwow for Valentines.what else can I get her?

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getting my gf back
Sam I Am asked:

I traded her gold in for cash to get the money for the Shamwow
wow, Mighty Putty! What an idea…thanx girls!!!


How do I get back with my gf?

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plutopoptarts asked:

So my first gf broke up with me sunday and I still like her and I’m pretty sure she still likes me so how do I get back with her? Do I just ask if we can get back together or something? I’m 18 and shes 17 and we went out for 2 months and idk why she broke up with me, she never would say, but I think its b/c she never opened up b/c she was afraid of getting hurt again.


How should I go about getting my Ex GF back?

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Mike asked:

We have been together for over 2 years, there has been a tragedy in her life so we keep breaking up…She still tells me shes in love but says she wants to find herself….i spent the night with her couple times this week, then told her i couldnt handle not being together…. Went out with the guys the other night and drunk dialed the hell out of her(stupid mistake)….Called her all day the next day and finally got her to pick up and of course i said something rude to her on the phone the night before, i appologized…I guess what I am asking is whats the best way to open her eyes and make her realize that if she loves me she should be with me before the oppurtunity closes?


Need help with getting my gf back?

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getting my gf back
Andrew asked:

my girlfriend says that she needs a brake from me. But im doing everything possible to make her happy. But one thing is she loves songs and always listens to them because of the lyrics. So My question to u guys/girls is what are some great love songs that i can put on my myspace that might help me with her…

thanx for the help


I am getting engaged and my gf asked me an expensive engagement ring. Is it reasonable?

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getting my gf back
merculinus asked:

I am from Italy and my girlfriend is american. We’ve been dating for 3 months and she asked me an expensive engagement ring(around 3500 dollars). In Italy people tell me that it is crazy…do you think this is acceptable in the american culture?
P.S.: She is not giving me an engagement present back because she is short of money….


How To Get Back Together With My Ex

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I want to know How to get back together with my ex! This is a statement being made by many heartbroken men and women around the world. It is especially hard to say goodbye to someone you deeply love and never want to let go of.

That is why many of us will do almost anything just to be given a chance to get back together with an ex. The good news is that there are things you can do and steps that you can take to get your ex back. So if you are one of those who are asking, “How to get back together with my ex?”, read on…
1. Never play games. You have to be serious about getting your ex back. This means that the steps you take are mature steps meant to let your ex realize the value that they are losing if they completely let you go. Veer away from the misleading thought that making your ex jealous will make him come back to you.

This may backfire by making your ex think that you have moved on so quickly and that he really wasn’t that important to you after all. Instead of resorting to these immature tactics, ask yourself again, “How to get back together“? Then write down some realistic steps that you can take to initiate contact with your ex and make him realize that getting back with you is the best step for him to take.
2. Do not be mean. No matter how hurt or angry you are about the breakup, do not lash out at your ex or do things to deliberately hurt him. This will only make things worse by digging deeper wounds that may take forever to heal.

The fact that you are asking, “How to get back together” means that you still care for him, so avoid inflicting the kind of pain that creates permanent wounds. It is necessary to forgive whatever mistakes your ex made before you can even begin to think about getting him back.
3. Put your best foot forward. Keep your emotions in check and show your ex that you are not an emotional rollercoaster. Nothing is more of a turnoff than a clingy and needy ex. Do not show your ex that you are desperate to win him back.

The best answer to your question of “How to get back together with my ex?” is to be a better you. Be confident that you are a good person and always cultivate the traits that made your ex fall in love with you. Show him that everything that he fell in love with is still there and even more.

Whatever the reason was for your breakup, be positive that it can be fixed. But do not delude yourself into thinking that this can be done easily. The road towards reuniting with your ex is a long and difficult one. Patience is the key to your success in this matter. So relax, keep your calm, give yourself enough time and you can look forward to a sweeter love the second time around.

For more steps on how your can win your ex back, I recommend THE How To Get Back Together Guide.

Steps to Win Your Ex Back

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Going through a breakup may be one of the most trying times of your life, especially if the other person is someone you are not willing to let go.

Sadly, going through the steps  to win your ex back can be just as difficult as trying to move on; more so if you do not know exactly what you need to do. But if you feel that getting your ex back into your life is worth whatever it takes, then it is probably the best thing for you to do. Because there are simply times when moving on is not an option.

The first thing you have to do to win your ex back is to show him or her that you are strong. In this necessary first step, you have to be very careful to deliver the correct message.

You do not want to make your ex feel that you have moved on and do not need him or her anymore. The message that you want to send across is that you do want him or her back, but you are not so desperate that it would kill you not to win your ex back. Show your ex that you are very much open to the idea of getting back together but you will not fall apart if it does not happen. Confidence is much more attractive than clinginess.

If your breakup was particularly bad — punctuated by loud arguments and excessive fighting — then you should move really slow.

Keep your contact with your ex at a minimum; do not create “coincidences” where you keep running into your ex at social gatherings and public places. Give yourselves time to take things into perspective. This time away from each other could be just the thing to make you recall the good times that you had and realize that you are meant for each other. Who knows, giving yourselves enough space may help you win your ex back a lot quicker than you expect.

If and when your ex asks to see you to talk things over, treat the invitation as an opportunity, not a gift. Looking at it as a gift may make you overeager to win your ex back and less objective about the conversation that is about to take place. It may also make you too ready to give in to your ex’s every request. Refrain from doing this, as it will only make you look pathetic. Treating the occasion as an opportunity, on the other hand, will help you retain your calm and keep an open mind about the situation.

While you are trying these steps to win your ex back, remember to always be yourself. Although there are things that you need to do and steps that you need to take, it does not mean that you have to act like someone else. After all, you want to remind your ex of the reason why he or she fell in love with you in the first place, and the best way to do that is by showing him or her your beautiful self.

For more steps on how your can win your ex back, I recommend THE Steps to Win Your Ex Back Guide.

Should I be worried if my gf is getting back massages?

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Twilightsinger asked:

My gf used to like this guy before we met but he turned her down but now she gets back massages from him should I be worried or just let it go? I havent talked to her about it should I?


Need advice on what to do about getting my ex ex GF back?

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carmen1988t asked:

Basically I am hoping that you might be able to help me with a plan of action.
The background to my situation is such. A year ago my ex gf and i broke up, it was my fault since I started talking to my ex gf before her. Nothing happened but my gf couldnt take the thought of loosing me and cut it off before she got hurt again and but still she was devastated by me (understand she was married before and her husband cheated on her, and with me she told me she had loved me more then him). I tried everything I could to get her back but someone introduced her to another guy about a month after the break-up (I guess to help her get over me, since she was hurt so bad) and they have been together ever since. Now about 2 months ago, I heard from her. Appearhently she was looking at my myspace page some, and she started to make contact. She has been telling me alot of things like she wants to be with me and she still loves me and so on (understand this is not a girl who plays around or minces words but puts thought into what she says or does). I have talked with her casually and at times she has brought up our past relationship, including how our “love-life” was, and also asks if I have dates and such. So it is obviously something that she is concerned with and has mentioned to me things like how would it effect me if we got back together knowing that she has been with this bf or questions like what if my ex gf or someone else came along. Now she has told me she wants this but it will take time, she also stated that she was very confused because she loves her BF now and doesnt want to hurt him with her decision. Now we have been talking, but she will only allow for texting (only speaking on the phone once in 6 weeks). Ok, well she suddenly starts becoming a little distant over the last two weeks. So from advice of friends I was instructed to back off and give her some space. So I do but I write her the following email on tuesday morning so she knows i am not giving up or anything:
————————– start
I assume that the lapse in communication between us is really your way to give yourself the space and time you had talked about needing for us to be together again.

With that in mind, I am going to (with all my heart) honor that with a hope that you will talk to me when you are ready.

Know I think about you and love you so much.
————————– end

Now I havent heard anything back until wednesday night to which she sends me the following email

————————– start
Hey! I hope everything is going well. How did Meg handle the funeral? Is she doing okay? I have just been busy working and trying to straighten a few things out. Hope you are doing good. Jess
————————– end

So i respond immediately with the follwoing:

————————– start
- everything is great. just went under contract on a house. it is NIIIIIIICE! and i am getting a deal too. meg started school today. i am getting things together to start school in a few.
- she didnt go to the funeral. we went to the wake and she couldnt take it another day so we went to “meet the teacher” day and then after we went to the gathering after the burial.
- yep she is ok. that girl can take anything. even her cast doesnt seem to bother or slow her down
- well i hope all is going well with that (referencing the things needing to be straightened out) and you.
————————– end

i received another text from her just asking how my daughter and i are doing and saying that she hopes i had a great day. I responded back. and I got another text from her that basically said “sounds good, well i am off to bed. you two have a good night :-)

So i have been receiving some text some e-mails, but basically general in nature. Today I saw on her myspace that her BF is taking her to the gulf, but i got a message from her this morning. that doesnt mean it isnt happening tonight, but i want to send her something that says like what are you doing? why arent you trying like you said you would?

Since then I havent heard anything.
My friends tell me to leave it be. Be a man of your word and give her space. Other have told me it is a good sign she wrote back and even better that she is still asking questions.
I just guess i am wound too tight right now. I love this woman more then she or I know and she hasnt given me a chance to prove to her how 1) sorry i am 2) how it will never happen again 3) how much i love her, and 4) how happy we can be together.

Please advise me. Please guide me. Thank you for all the positive and constructive help.


What to Tell Your GF to Get Back With U

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After your girlfriend has broken up with you, you are probably wanting to know what to tell your gf to get back with u.  The best answer to this, is – nothing.  There is probably nothing you can tell her at this time to get her back.

She broke up with you for a reason, and it was probably some action you took that hurt her.  It could have been saying hurtful things to her, it could have been ignoring her, or even cheating on her.  So, anything you say is probably not going to win her back.

What I mean by there is nothing your can tell your gf to get back with u, is that sweet talking her, or sending her a love letter or trying to use love poems to win her back is not going to work.

Instead, you need to understand why she broke up with you, work on making whatever changes you need to make, and then show her, by your actions, that you have changed.

The first action to take is to admit to her your fault in the breakup, what you did wrong and what you should have done differently.  In most cases even a heart felt apology is not going to want her to get back with you, but it’s a good first step.

The next action to take is help her to realize that she wants you back.  I know that sounds like common sense, but many people blow it at this stage.  Even if you’re still hurt, and angry, you have to rise above that.  When you see her you need to be kind, patient and understanding of her needs right now.

Your girlfriend was first attracted to you because of some part of your personality.  Let her experience that part of your personality again.  Let her see the person that she liked being with.

Another important action to take is to really listen to her when she talks to you.  Listen carefully and don’t interrupt.  Let her express herself without you jumping in and telling her how she ought to feel or what she ought to do.

Once you’ve taken these actions, you need to pay attention to any signs she may be giving you.  You may notice her being nicer to you when she sees you.  She might start seeking you out and calling you. These are good signs, but don’t blow it by immediately suggesting you get back together.

Give it time and continue to be the great guy they she wants to be around.  Eventually she will remember why she wanted to be with you in the first place, or she will back off and move on.  In either case, you can know that you did all you could do to win her back.

So, it’s not really about what to tell your gf to get back with u, it’s about your taking action to show her why she should get back with you.

For more in depth information on how you can win your gf back, I recommend the Get My GF Back Guide.

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