Get Back at an Ex

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I’m sometimes asked by those who have had their hearts broken by a breakup, how can I get back at my ex?

My first question is – “Do you want to try to win back you ex”? If you want to win back your ex, then you need to let go of that anger that wants to “get back at an ex”! You then need to take a cooling off period from your ex and have no contact with them for a period of time.

After that cooling off period, you need to decide if you really do want to try to win them back. If you do, there may still be a chance it can happen, but you need to follow the plan that has helped thousands win an ex back.

If you decide you don’t want to try to win them back, and just want to move on – that’s a good sign that you have discovered some things about you, or about your ex, and you don’t see things working out between you.

If you still want to get back at an ex, I have a great tip for you. Get some help with moving on with your life.

Getting back at your ex will not help you. You may think it will help you get over the anger and move on, but it won’t help. You may feel better for a few minutes, but chances are later on you will feel worse than ever.

Trying to get back at someone, is really another way of stating that you want to hurt someone in some way. This is immature, destructive, and can even be dangerous. Trying to get back at your ex will help you in absolutely no way.

Instead, I suggest you get help with getting over your ex.

Please don’t ever try to get back at an ex, it will not help you and could have terribly negative consequences. Instead, take a step back, realize you are going through a hurtful time just like everyone else in this world has gone through. Hurting after a breakup is a part of life.

If you need help learning how to get over your ex, get the help you need, and move on.

How to Win Back Your Ex With Common Sense

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So, you’re boyfriend, or girlfriend has ended the relationship and moved on. You’re trying to move on too, but you just can’t seem to give up on the relationship. Perhaps you have a sense that your ex still loves you, perhaps you just believe you two belong together. You feel their is still hope for the relationship and want to try one more time to win back your ex.

How to you go about doing that? Where do you start? you probably have some ideas on things that you can do, like sending them love notes, or a love letter, or buy them gifts.

The first thing you need to do is STOP. Take a step back and follow the tips below before you go any further.

First, you need to look at what went wrong, and in particular, what part did you play in the relationship ending. It takes two to make a relationship work, and like it or not, you probably contributed to the breakup.

If after evaluating your contribution to the relationship ending, ask yourself if you are willing to address those issues, or if you even can address those issues..

If you really think you can change, and are committed to doing so, you may have a chance to win back your ex. It’s not a bad idea to talk to your ex and apologize for the things that you had done that caused strain in the relationship. This shows your ex that you cared enough to reflect on what you did wring in the relationship. It also shows a sign of maturity that you were able to face fault and apologize.

During that conversation, do not suggest that they take you back since you have learned your lesson and are promising to change. It’s too early to press them to get back together. Plus, when you don’t go asking to get back together, they will see that you appear to be able to move on.

Stay in touch with your ex, perhaps weekly, for a while. Just give them a quick call to see how they’re doing. Keep the conversation light. Subtly remind them of some of the good times you had together, but don’t go overboard. You just want to create a small spark in their mind and heart related to some special time you had together.

These weekly, and casual, conversations will either lead to a friendship, or you will come to the conclusion that they are not interested in even being friends.

Friendships often lead to more serious relationships. For many relationships, the “love” relationship developed to quickly and the friendship stage was never really developed. Having a strong friendship may be something that your relationship needed and could lead to a stronger love relationship.

The above tips should help you win your ex back, but you need more help that I can provide in a blog post. I suggest you get the detailed step by step Win A Love Back guide.