What to Tell Your GF to Get Back With U

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After your girlfriend has broken up with you, you are probably wanting to know what to tell your gf to get back with u.  The best answer to this, is – nothing.  There is probably nothing you can tell her at this time to get her back.

She broke up with you for a reason, and it was probably some action you took that hurt her.  It could have been saying hurtful things to her, it could have been ignoring her, or even cheating on her.  So, anything you say is probably not going to win her back.

What I mean by there is nothing your can tell your gf to get back with u, is that sweet talking her, or sending her a love letter or trying to use love poems to win her back is not going to work.

Instead, you need to understand why she broke up with you, work on making whatever changes you need to make, and then show her, by your actions, that you have changed.

The first action to take is to admit to her your fault in the breakup, what you did wrong and what you should have done differently.  In most cases even a heart felt apology is not going to want her to get back with you, but it’s a good first step.

The next action to take is help her to realize that she wants you back.  I know that sounds like common sense, but many people blow it at this stage.  Even if you’re still hurt, and angry, you have to rise above that.  When you see her you need to be kind, patient and understanding of her needs right now.

Your girlfriend was first attracted to you because of some part of your personality.  Let her experience that part of your personality again.  Let her see the person that she liked being with.

Another important action to take is to really listen to her when she talks to you.  Listen carefully and don’t interrupt.  Let her express herself without you jumping in and telling her how she ought to feel or what she ought to do.

Once you’ve taken these actions, you need to pay attention to any signs she may be giving you.  You may notice her being nicer to you when she sees you.  She might start seeking you out and calling you. These are good signs, but don’t blow it by immediately suggesting you get back together.

Give it time and continue to be the great guy they she wants to be around.  Eventually she will remember why she wanted to be with you in the first place, or she will back off and move on.  In either case, you can know that you did all you could do to win her back.

So, it’s not really about what to tell your gf to get back with u, it’s about your taking action to show her why she should get back with you.

For more in depth information on how you can win your gf back, I recommend the Get My GF Back Guide.

Winning An Ex Back Without Playing Head Games

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When your ex has broken up with you, it’s easy to over react and out of emotion try to use head games to win them back.

You know the head games – going out with other people to try and make them jealous, trying to make them feel guilty for breaking up with you.  Using your common friends to try and make them feel guilty, and having them try to change their mind about breaking up with you.

You may have even gotten this advice from friends, or some relationship experts.  Just so you know, these head games do sometimes work, but if you do win them back by playing these types of games, how strong will your relationship be?  Do you think your relationship will last long term when these types of manipulative games are being played?

Instead, there are other little things you can do to stay in the picture without pursuing them  (which would not be a good thing to do after the breakup).

Call them once a week or so, just to keep in touch and see how they are doing.  Don’t pour your heart out to them and even think about talking about getting back together.  Just be friendly and let them know you were thinking about them and wanted to make sure they were okay.

Call them on important days like their birthday, and perhaps send them a little inexpensive gift or a card.  Again, don’t send a love letter type of card but a friendly “thinking of you” type of card.

Keep in touch by email as you would with other friends.  Send them links to fun things or stories you think they may enjoy.

If you are going to date other people, do it with the right intention.  Don’t date someone if your intent is to make your ex jealous.  Dating to make your ex jealous is immature and not fair to the person you are dating.

In all cases, if you still have intentions of winning your ex back, do not sleep with anyone you are dating.  These things have a tendency of getting back to ex lovers if you have common friends, and that could blow any chance you have of getting back together.

Take this time after the breakup to work on yourself.  Strive to learn from the breakup and to become a better person. By spending time on self improvement, you become more attractive to your ex, and you will be a better mate.

Winning an ex back without playing head games is the right thing to do and will pay off in the long run. When you restore your relationship it will be a healthier, more honest and mature relationship.

For more tips on how your can win your ex back, I recommend THE Win Ex Back Guide.

Can I Win Him Back Even If He Shows No Interest

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You may be thinking that since you have lost your boyfriend and he shows no interest in getting back together, that it’s over for good.

Honestly, it may be over for good, but you still may have a chance to win him back even if he shows no interest.

There’s really only one way of knowing if you can win him back, and that is to give it a try. He may be appearing to have moved on, and has no interest in you, but you may still have a chance.

The best thing you can do is to show him that you still care about him as a person.  You can’t be a needy, stalking ex girlfriend – you need to be a supportive friend.  By being mature and showing him that you can be in the same room together without creating drama, will go a long way to proving to him that you can still be friends, or at least acquaintances, without being in a love relationship.

Become a friend that understands his feelings, trials and successes.  Joke with him and show him he can have a good time hanging out with you.

Most solid relationships start out as friendships, so you need to go back to the basics of being a friend.  It could be that your relationship never grew from a strong friendship and that hurt your love relationship.

Going back to being friends and growing from there, may make for a stronger love relationship in the future.

Be warned that being friends can be difficult, especially when you see him dating other people.  If you still want him back, that’s something you will have to deal with.  As time goes by, he will either realize that you are a great friend and one of the few people he can really count on.

When you reach the point of being good friends, there will come a time when he will realize he still wants to be more than friends with you.  Or, you may just realize that you have moved on and can no longer be more than friends with him.

In any case, you will have done the right, and mature thing, will have grown as a person and will either have won him back or you will me moving on to better relationship.

So you can get your ex back even when he shows no interest in you.  For more tips like this, you need to read the Win Him Back Guide.

Is there a chance that I could get back together with GF?

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getting my gf back
Dick C asked:

So my girlfriend of 4-5 months broke up with me probably because of one night where we got angry at each other. She still cares for me and says she feels really bad. I heard many reasons why she broke up, she doesn’t have the same feelings, she lost her feelings, wants to see other people, relationship not working. I haven’t really talked to her for almost a week, and I plan at trying to get back together soon.
She is also very inexperienced, 16, im her first boyfriend.


pyschics help can any one help me tell me if me and my ex gf are getting back together im still in love ?

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lone s asked:

im still in love her i think


hi can any one guide me that wt to do,as few days back i had *** with my GF,but now shes not getting her dates

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sameer t asked:

as v both r worried.As i used condom,but still shes not getting her m cycle,as she normally used to get it on 21 of every month.so plz reply wt to do or in future wt can be done if something goes wrong.and basically i want som emore detailed clarification regarding this if any one feels comfortable,as i m really sweating

thx to all in advance


What ware some sad love songs about breaking up and saying goodbye?

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breaking up
morgan h asked:

What ware some sad love songs about breaking up and saying goodbye and wanting your ex back and your boyfriend breaking up with you for another girl and you want him back and songs about the guy that likes you doesn’t like you back and ignores you. thanks.