Learn How I Got My Girlfriend Back

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I couldn’t believe it when she broke up with me.  I didn’t see it coming and was totally devastated.  Looking back, I guess I should have seen it coming and I couldn’t really blame her.  I made some mistakes and I understand why she broke up with me – but I hate it!

So, after being alone for a few days and really thinking about our relationship, I knew that I wanted her back, and I believe she still loved me.  So, I thought I might there still may be hope of getting my girlfriend back.

I thought about the things I had done wrong, beat myself up over my stupidity and selfishness, and realized I needed to make some changes so I could treat her the way she deserved to be treated.

I began to form a plan to win her back.  I started writing an apology letter and thought of other things I could do – like sending her flowers. I really thought these things would work, after all that’s what works in the movies, right?

I started searching online for more ideas on what I could do to get my girlfriend back, when I came across something that made me re-think everything I had been planning.

I saw this video, actually it’s the video to the right, that stopped me dead in my tracks.  This TW guy was explaining some things I hadn’t really considered.  Like, if I were to follow through with my Hollywood movie type plan, there was a good chance I would end up pushing my girlfriend further away, and I may never have a chance to win my gf back again.

TW talked about a making up guide he had written that had helped other guys like me get their girl their girlfriends back.  I went to his website and saw all the success letters people had written to him after they had won their ex gf back, using the tips from his making-up guide.

So I bought his guide to make sure I didn’t do all the wrong, stupid things to win my girl friend back, but instead I want to make sure to do the right things that had worked for others.

So, following TW’s winning back an ex tips, I took some time away from relationships to decide if I really wanted my ex gf back.  After realizing that I did want her back, I started getting in contact with her again, as a friend to gauge how she was feeling about me.

We started spending some time together, then more and more time building our friendship.  Now we are back together again, and our relationship is better now than it ever was before.

Thank you TW for keeping me from blowing it!  His winning back an ex guide helped me avoid screwing things up forever, and helped me get my girlfriend back.

How to Get Back With My Ex Girlfriend

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How to Get Back With My Ex Girlfriend
If you are wondering how you can get back with your ex girlfriend, the first thing that you need to understand is that this is a very delicate situation. Your feelings may be hurt, and her feelings may also be hurt – And it is important that you are careful about what you’re doing accordingly, otherwise feelings may be hurt even worse.

Here are the considerations that you need to make when it comes to figuring out how to get back with your ex girlfriend.

1 – First and foremost, what was it that you did in order to cause the break up? Girls do not break up with guys completely out of the blue, so there is probably a really good reason behind the action even if you are not immediately aware of what it is. The first step in this process has to be to figure out what went wrong, whether or not it could have been prevented, and how can you can fix it now that you know what it is.

2 – If the break up with your ex girlfriend was entirely your fault, then the first thing that you need to do to help rekindle things is to let your ex girlfriend know that you recognize what happened, you recognize that it was your fault, and that you are sorry for your actions and the unintended consequences.

3 – You should continue to socialize with other people, even though you are trying to court your ex again. Just because you and your ex are not in contact right now, that does not mean that you need to cut yourself off from the rest of the world. You should date another girl, or at least go out and have some fun with your friends. It may even work to your advantage for you to cause some jealousy in your ex partner if you really do want to get them back.

4 – Show your ex that you have moved on, but you also need to show her that you still care about her. This is the most ideal way to eventually get her back. Let her know that you have not completely moved on, and that you still have feelings for her, and this will make you appear more mature to her, and more desirable as well.

5 – Finally, it is important that you work hard to become friends with your ex again. This will build trust, and will help to make you closer to one another.

Afterwards, you should ask her why you broke up in the first place, but be casual about it rather than appearing desperate. She will either admit that it was a mistake that the two of you broke up, or she will let you know that the break up was for the better. Once you have an answer, you can proceed from there.

These are just the beginning steps in winning your Ex back. They are the initial steps I followed when I lost the love of my life. And frankly these aren’t my original ideas. I turned to T ‘Dub’ Jackson when I had no idea of how to get my true love back.

T ‘Dub’ authored a simple, down to earth step by step plan called “The Magic Of Making Up“. And you know, it worked like magic for us. Now we are more in love than ever.

I need help getting a gf?

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getting my gf back
hi asked:

I want to know how should i approach her and how should i talk to her. and if i flirt. when should i ask her on a date and all that stuff


How to break up without breaking a heart?

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breaking up
*~D3$T!NY~* asked:

I want to break up with my bf but i still want us to be close how should i do it??


Country song where the guy is singing to his ex thanking her for breaking up because he now has everything ?

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breaking up
nate asked:

I don’t exactly remember the lyrics but i know that the generalization is the guy singing is thanking his ex that for breaking up with him eventhough he thought he was supposed to be with her and he was down about it and now he is in love and married to someone else..
I don’t believe the song was song in anger, i think the guy was truly thinking his ex for everything good and for breaking up with him because in the end everything worked out for him.


Ways To Get Back Together With My Ex Girlfriend

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Sometimes when a relationship comes to an abrupt end, either one or both parties involved may still be in doubt that the end is really the end, and this is especially true when a relationship is new. Some men simply cannot accept the fact that their girlfriend walked away. Resultingly, they find themselves still hoping she’ll still be there in the morning and that it was all a dream. Are you asking “How can I get back together with my ex girlfriend”, it is important that you create a plan regarding how to do it.

In order to get back together with your ex girlfriend, there are numerous steps to take. Here are some of the tips that you should keep in mind when working through this process.

- There is always a second chance for everyone, so it’s not impossible for you to get back together with your ex girlfriend. But first, you should ask yourself some questions Do you still love her? Do you really want her back? Why? Are you trying to get her back because you don’t want to be alone, or you don’t believe you should have been dumped? If you are looking to get back with your ex for reasons other than love, you may be playing a dangerous game that would be better off avoided.

- Do not appear desperate or needy to your girlfriend if your priority is “how can I get back together with my ex girlfriend?” Although you may feel desperate, and you may really want her back, you absolutely need to control your emotions, keeping them to yourself. If you cannot help them, then it may be wise to talk to your friends or family so you can cry your heart out where she cannot see. Do not beg or cry in front of your girlfriend, however, and absolutely do not stalk her.

- Learn how to control your feelings, forgetting about self pity and instead working on the positive aspects of working things through with your ex. If you appear too needy, or if you come off as too desperate, she may end up avoiding you even more.

- Keep the communication lines with your ex open. She may have ended the relationship, but you just need to make her feel like communication lines are open and that you want to be civil. You do not have to be the one initiating the conversation, but you should be willing to say hello and have a conversation occasionally with her, keeping in touch casually.

- Above all else, analyze what went awry with the relationship. There must have been a problem that led to the end of the relationship, so find out what the problem was if you want to get back together with your ex. Find out what caused the arguments, of which of her needs weren’t being met, and work on rectifying those issues.

Restore Your Relationship With These 3 Counterintuitive Techniques

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Trying to save your relationship can be a very difficult thing to do. There is always the worry that
you’ll make one wrong move and lose the person you love forever.

Unfortunately, what feels like the right thing to do, is often wrong. Most times we should
follow the ‘counterintuitive path’. When we feel like calling is when we should stay cool
instead. When we feel like pouring our hearts out is when we should put a lid on it.

As a warning, the techniques you’re about to discover you may have never seen before and
at first glance may look an feel wrong, but have been proven time and again to be effective
in even what seems the most complicated situations.

Counterintuitive Technique #1

The first technique you need to use is to agree with and accept the fact that your ex has broken up with you. This can be very difficult to do and the chances are good that you will have a bit of an internal battle before you’re able to do so.

It can definitely help to understand why you need to accept the breakup, and how it can help you get back together. The main reason is because you need to give your ex time to respect and miss you again. The chances are that they are mad or upset with you at the moment, especially if you’ve beem nagging them about getting back together.

Counterintuitive Technique #2

The second technique you need to use is to cut off all communication. You’re probably about ready to close your browser right now! Hold on, because this technique really does work. It helps you to accept the breakup and is the action that shows your ex you are serious.

By not communicating you are allowing your ex time to miss you and time to get over the reasons for breaking up. This space will be good for your mental health as well, and will help you to think clearly. It also sets you up for the next technique.

Counterintuitive Technique #3

The next step is to plan an event where you two can reconnect. But there are many
critical steps in between you can not leave out! Discover all the counterintuitive
and unconventional steps to restoring your relationship.

What is the difference between breaking up and taking a break?

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breaking up
Crystal H asked:

My bf and I love each other very much.

Unfortunately I am his first and he is my first.

I often feel like I haven’t seen enough guys and I’m graduating next year, so I feel skeptical about dating in college because I’d rather date guys I have known for a long time.

I want to see other people and still love my bf at the same time. People are confused about “breaking up” and “taking a break.”


Do any guys ever feel guilty after breaking up with there Gf to be with another girl?

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breaking up
Bellarose M asked:

Do you feel bad when you break up with G just to be with another girl do you ever want your old GF back?


Learn How To Get Back Together With My Ex Boyfriend

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Sacrifice and compromise are both critical parts in the give and take that goes hand in hand with any relationship. If you are asking “How can I get back together with my ex boyfriend?” then you are going to need to keep these things in mind.

Nothing is going to make mending a broken relationship simple, but some of the advice contained within this article can certainly make it a lot less difficult overall to give him a reason to want to come back to you. So while you may be obsessing with the all important question, “how can I get back together with my ex boyfriend?”, what you need to be focusing on is rectifying the causes of failure; that led to the breakup to eliminate the tension and stress that brought the split on in the first place.

So, How can I get back together with my ex boyfriend, you ask?

When a relationship fails, you need to take that as an indication that something went wrong. If your boyfriend left you, then it was likely for one of two reasons: Either the relationship was becoming stale because there was not enough of you in it, or the relationship was getting too claustrophobic because there was too much of you in it. Either way, one of these causes is going to lead to relationship suicide. If you are asking “How can I get back together with my ex boyfriend”, then you need to start looking at which of these led to the break up so you can act accordingly.

Whatever the issue is that chiefly contributed to the split, it was probably either something that you did, or something that you didn’t do. It may be harsh to look at things this way, but that is simply how it usually works. The person who was broken up with either did, or did not do something and the person doing the splitting simply felt driven away. So now what happens, and how can you manage to get him to come back? The first step is to change whatever it was that drove him away in the first place.

You need to sit down and really take a hard look at your situation. What could have led to the breakup? Which of these things were your fault, and which were not your fault?

Rule out the ones that were out of your control, since they continue to be out of your control, and focus on the things that you did do wrong, the ones that you can in fact change. If your biggest problem is something that you were responsible for and that you could change, then there is a very good chance that you can still get back together with him, as long as you really are willing to make the necessary changes to appeal to him again.

When you can start focusing on the things you can change then the question of “how can I get back with my ex boyfriend” will no longer be a question. You will know.

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