Why is it that when you finally get a gf that all the girls start getting really friendly?

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Hezbolluesbrother asked:

This girl that used to be “just friends” for example is now cuddling up to me whenever we’re hanging out and is really “friendly” (hint hint – nudge nudge).

I’m usually not popular with girls at all, ya know. So the change is pretty fucking obvious. O.o


what are the chances of my gf getting pregnant?

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XAFO asked:

my gf has been on birth control for a few months now. She is on week 2 of her birth control pack and we had *** with using birth control and I did not *** in her. What are the chances of her getting pregnant? Should I be worried?


Input needed about getting back together with gf?

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tiger asked:

My mom is against our relationship and i have to take care of my mom coz she is sick. She might be leaving the country in a couple of months. My ex-gf broke up coz of this. She is from another country but is coming here for summer to do an internship. I am hoping badly that my mom will come around after a while. I know my ex still loves me and I do to. I am planning to move close to her for the summer and take it from there. She told me that she might not be back again with me but she is willing to give me a try. I have talked to my mom about her but she seems adamant about not letting this gal be with me coz of cultural and other differences. But I am hell-bent on being with her. I am kinda low on self-confidence these days due to this. Feels like I would never be able to do anything I want. Please suggest something. Thanks in advance!!!
My mom is getting undergoing checkups and treatments. She is ready to leave for the home country coz she and I think she will be better off there. My ex and I are sort of on a break. I wouldn’t call it a breakup by the way things are going coz she has giving me indications that she is still interested in me. And I have shown my interest in her.


What should i get my gf for valentines? pls gv me sum ideas?

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Welvin K asked:

im 14 turning 15 this yuear samw wif my gf nd v been going for 4 months nw nd its valentines nw so i wanna get her something special so pls gv me sum ideas! ive given her a necklace b4 witch she loves nd a teddy bear nd stuff. so pls help me nd gv me sum ideas! pls!


My GF’s mom backed into my Mercedes?

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mike m asked:

Im a car guy and baby my cars like any other guy i also fix and repair my cars myself. so,here it goes my GF and I have been together for 10.5 month and my GF’s mom isnt to fond of me from the get go.so one night my GF’s mom backed into my car accidently because she was in a rush. she didnt bother calling, texting, emailing or even telling me when she got back!!! when i found out it was her, my gf got involved and said she will do the talking, i said no, i will talk to her….she did it anyway and asked if she hit my car. it went down hill from there… her mom didnt even come to me to tell me herself. about 30min later her mom comes down stair to tell my GF something and doesnt say anything. i had to confront her when she was about to walk away ” about my car”. then she all of he sudden says shes sorry and said to fix it, show her receipts and she will pay me back. i was in shock she said something like that. she walked way. i went to talk to her, i say i want a police report and insurance involve( in a professional manner of course)… she says she has no time to do that right now and said “when i get back( she was going on a trip for a week the next morning) we will take care of it”. and i kept pressing this to do it that night. she kept tying to cut me off as i was speaking…i also gave her an estimate on what my momst mercedes costed to fit ( same damage), but i didnt let her. i finished and she said “i think we should stop talking about this, we will take care of this when i get back”… that night i was getting advice on what to do from MY mom because this is a tough situation, if it were a stranger it would have been standard cut and dry procedure o call the police to get a report and get insurance involved. as i said my gf got involved, so im on the phone with My mom and my Gf starts talking that its not a big deal blah blah blah, and i gave her my explanation on y it should be dont immediatly and she mom didnt have the slightest concern for me or my property and she said somethings that night that she shouldnt have like ” your being you and i **** it” and acted like a 5 year old. the next day(today) we got in another fight because i asked her why isnt your mom talking to me, why is she telling you to tell me what she is going to do or take care of my car. i said i dont want a middle man and i want to talk to ” your mom” because she hit my car with her car. i should be hearing what ever she says from My GF’s moms mouth and its fine if my gf passes new on… the point is i dont feel like im being respected at all by her mom and i dont trust ppl that dont think highly of me. . i called her mom twice the night before to talk about the conversation me and her had about 30 min before. she didnt pick u nor did she call back…. anyway, today after the argument my gf said she wants a break( we all know what that really means). i seriously feel like im being jerked around and being taken advantage of. her mom left me a measly $500 check today for me to get started, but im going be real and i think that thats all im going to see for repair money ( it would probably be around $2500.00 in repairs). now in a sense my GF left me with a broke *** car and now i have even less security that my car is going to be squared away. we will probably get over the break thing, but I myself is getting second thought about my GF from this, what she said and other things. i called her mom and told her how its going to be in a professional manner and i havent heard from her since. her mom also said to get an estimate from a body shop( i will do it) for myself and for her. im thinking if i dont hear from her mom at this point i should do what should have been done in the first place and make a report. im in school and dont have time to pay with my car right now, but i need my car, so i cannot have it in the body shop so im forced to fix it myself. my question is…should i treat this like any other accident? its been a drag lately so should i dump my GF anyway( she said “break”, at this point im thinking just kill it and get on with my life, it not just about my car, its about civil respect from both her mom and and the gf or what ever you wanna call it) ?…..ANY ADVICE??? I know im beat with the relationship that ive been working for with my gf and her mom(she just started to trust and like me, and it means alot to me and now all its lost)
at the same time I genuinly love her and we dont need something like this tearing us apart….back luck on my or our sides=(


I need help getting my gf back.

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Dante D asked:

Ok here is the problem.My gf broke up with me and she just wanted to be friends with me. And lately she started to get to know my friends.The funny thing is that she is bi but She only dated guys and I was the frist person she ever kissed.And ever day she calls me for this whole week.And we talk like if we have no life Lol I mean for like at least 9 hours or more each day.And One day I just found out That she likes my friend and I do not like this beacause they are both girls…Do I have a chance becasue she always call me what should I do…To get her back she keeps on telling me I am Halarious so Thanks if you guys can help me it will be great.


whats a good song for getting back with your gf after breaking up?

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Holy_one asked:

i’m just looking for something because we still both have feelings for each other but we’re both dating someone else…and we both wanna get back together but we know it’s wrong when we’re dating someone else…so i’m looking for a song saying i wanna get back with you….


Im getting tired of my gf playing and dancing to this song, how can I tell her nicely?

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getting my gf back

She is into 2 live crew and her fav song is, Face down, a$$ up. She always wants to dance to it and sing it and plays it in the car like 3 times in a row. Im all for her expressing herself, but how can I tell her nicely without being mean?