Getting back with my ex gf?

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humm asked:

my gf and I broke up 11 months ago, we ha dbeen dating for 8 months. Unfortuanaly i never really got along with her friends very well. they just never liked me from the start, i always tried to be friends with her friends and she never had any problems with any of my friends. This was a major part in the break up we were also fighting the night before aand stupid me, broke up with her thinking it would make her want me more and fix things….it didnt and she decided she was better off with out me. She has had a new bf for several months now and is no longer good friends with many of her old friends (in piticlar the ones that dislike me the most). recently i have hung out with she called me up and asked me to see her both times. this weekend she was fliting with me all night and said she had alot of fun. i am still in love with this girl. i have been dating around and still have never found another person who makes me feel that way i do when im around her. any advice in geting her back
she still has a bf now….although she doesent see him very not sure what is going on with him.
and i am taking it very slow right now…just being friends and letting her come to me bc i have found that going after girls just pushes them away…. plus i already tryed that when we broke up


how do i keep in contact with my best friend without my gf getting jealous?

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Kidd asked:

my gf gets jealous because i make sure i talk to my best friend everyday. they both have different places/importance in my life, so i really think don’t get why the jealousy, i have clearly told my gf i lover her and not my best friend. but she keeps doubting us. any ideas?


2 days after getting back with my ex gf, she texts me and tells me she met another guy?

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getting my gf back
yeventryuwilllose asked:

we broke up and were not talking for a while, once we started talking it was clear we boht missed each other and loved each other…. so she lives in cali and i am in ohio…. we tell each other we love each other and talk about her coming home, cause she is moving back march 1st…anyhow she goes on a trip to lake tahoe with another couple a day after we get back together, and texts me a day later telling me she met someone… i ask her if we can talk and she texts me back, nah, im ok, thanks……. ***….. why would someone do this…. why would she be talking about moving in with me and how much she loves me and how incredible i am and that she will never take me for granted again….. how could she change so quickly??


My GF has a possible ear infection, back of neck and general area below the ear is painful. What should we do?

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Casey H asked:

She got a weird cartilidge piercing right in the middle of her ear. It’s been like a year, and she consistently has had large bumps portruding at the piercing site. However, those bumps will go away when eucalyptis oil is applied regularly.

But here’s the real problem: She has pain in the back of her jaw and her neck, right below the ear.

Does she need to consult a doctor? Or what should we do?


I want my gf back. this si waht she said. is this good? do I have a chance of getting her back?

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Girish J asked:

Hi all i need some advice. My girlfiend and I have been goin out for 7 months.i wsa insecure about myself and did something stupid (didnt cheat) to test her trust in me she found out was very mad and we broke up. Been about a month, we’ve ben eamiling & this is what she said “I want you to know that I don’t really know what’s going to happen when we meet & and can’t promise you that things are just gonna be like before and we’ll be a happy couple. There’s alot of stuff we need to talk about when we do eventually see each other and like I’ve always said, I don’t hold grudges but it’s hard to forget certain things & I don’t know if we can go back. Things could go either way and who knows, you might find you don’t feel the same way about me..or maybe you’ll meet the girl of your dreams this summer…I don’t really know what’s going to happen.What I do know is that you are a good person & I’m willing to sit down and see if we can work things out..but neither of us knows how that will out”


My gf said she lost her feelings for me and decided to leave me. I want her back. What should I do?

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getting my gf back
greenbucks asked:

She does not want to talk about the breakup because it hurts her and me. And that is all I want to do is talk about it. We had a great relationship and at one time did everything together and told each other everything. And for the past month it has been the opposite. I asked her if there is any chance for us to get back together and she said she does not know. She said she needs time and space. What do I do? Please help.


Lost My GF. Any advice on getting her back? Please read?

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Yea Boi asked:

We had been going out for 1 year and 2 months and shes been a big part of my life and now i dont hang around with my friends as much

We were perfect and lots of people thought it 2.. i made her smile and laugh the ova day but it wasnt enough as weve been having a few aguments and moddiness lately.. and then i got kicked out of a nightclub the other day for being “too” drunk.. but i believe the boucers were pickin on me. And my GF was not to happy with me and it started an agrument.. This is where all the spliting up began

Any way she broke up with me today as her friends told her its the right choice if shes not happy.. but we are both finding it hard and still love each other a lot

So does any one have any advice.. I miss her does anyone know of people getting back together when spliting up and after how long??

Or any advice on stuff i could do to get her back??

I am normaly sweet and kind hearted but lately iv been taken too much things to heart and its been for about a month:
I told her i wonted to make it up to her over summer and take her out and do all the things and we didnt do last summer and have lots of laughs.. but she still wernt happy :(

Should of mentioned that im 19 and shes 18 really! But i didnt wna here that theres plenty of fish in the sea and all that nocice.

And i dont want to make out that i drink alot and corse aguements all the time because i dont


How do i get my gf back?

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audiquattro asked:

So i can get with alot of girls this year i dunno why because my first 3 years of highschool werent very successful with the ladies, but i broke up with my gf beg. of summer, and now i really want her back. I can get with other girls but my gf is soooo much better for some reason, and its like there are no other fish in the sea because she is soo much better and she’s even hotter in my eyes. what do i do?


is there any chance of my gf getting pregnant after taking her birth control pill late?

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Tra L asked:

she has been on the pill for about a month and a half but about 5 days ago she took her pill later than she usually takes it and we had unprotected *** today. i pulled out after about 45 seconds and she had just finished her period a week ago is there any chance of her getting pregnant?