What are the methods in getting back with your ex-girlfriend?

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getting my gf back
smacker asked:

Recently, I broke up with my gf because i neglected her for the last 2months and i regret that. We still love each other but she said we need time and most likely she does not love me anymore because i left her alone when she needed me and i wasnt there. I know my mistakes and would like to make things right. We were planning to get married in about 2 years. We been together for 2.5 years. I luv here dearly and regret my actions. She told me to stop saying sorry. We kinda talk on the phone but everytime i bring up about getting back together she would tell me to stop becuz she doesnt want to go over it again. She said whatever the future hold for us, we would have to wait and see. i just want things to be back to normal except with me as an improved person.


I got my gf a Snuggie and some Mighty Putty for Valentines.what else can I get her?

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Sam I Am asked:

I need suggestions fast


I am thinking about getting my GF an electric blanket for xmas, is this a good gift idea?

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Rahman K asked:

Also are there any brands out there that are better than the rest? I have been looking at Sunbeam and they seem pretty good. I just want to get her the best one out there.